David Shenfeld is the co-founder of D.A. Development Group and has over 14 years of experience in the real estate industry. Prior to forming D.A., David worked as​ head of development at a ​prominent NYC real estate firm. David acts as the creative visionary for DA's projects and ​leverages his knowledge to maximize each ​one to its highest and best use.​ ​David also oversees all aspects of project development​ ​from sourcing deals to financing and structuring deals through construction and disposition. He ​helps lead all design and development ​decisions, ensuring that every venture is unique and successful.


Andrew Fein oversees the firm’s strategic direction and is intimately involved through the life cycle of each project. Andrew believes that maximizing a project to its fullest starts with thorough due diligence and thoughtful design. In his capacity as co-founder of D.A. Development, Andrew shares the responsibility of all acquisition decisions as well as operations of current projects. Andrew brings a detail oriented approach to each aspect of a project seeking to maximize on the full potential  from a planning, financial and investment point of view. Prior to launching D.A. in 2015, Andrew was a Vice President of a large development company in Midtown Manhattan.